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OBTA Care is currently accepting resumes for the following positions: 

  • Companion-Care Associate
    • The Companion-Care Associate is a driven, dedicated, smart, and compassionate leader. Our Companion-Care Associates always put their clients needs first, and eagerly jump into any homecare project that will ensure client satisfaction. While our Companion-Care Associates are not afraid to get their hands dirty, they are also well-spoken, energetic caregivers and companions that develop long-term relationships with their clients.
  • Art-Care Associate
    • The Art-Care Associate has a creative hand and is comfortable giving instruction with a variety of mediums (paint, pencil, clay, etc) to clients of all ages and skill levels. Our Art-Care Associates have a desire to help others heal, find inner-peace through art, and delicately balance companion-care with the Therapeutic In-Home Art curriculum.
  • Marketing Specialist
    • The Marketing Specialist is a strategic thinker and well-rounded marketer who naturally thinks outside the box. The Marketing Specialist is a great communicator who is comfortable creating content, managing ads & analytics, and overseeing digital and print campaigns. 
  • Community Liaison
    • The Community Liasion is an active member of the community who enjoys participating in state, regional, and town-wide events. A person comfortable sharing stories and creating new and lasting relationships with neighbors, community leaders, healthcare practitioners, and charitable organizations. 

OBTA Care employs only the best and brightest, as quality of care and service means everything to us. Honor, integrity, humor, and compassion are paramount qualities required in each member of our work-family. The OBTA Care team is comprised of people who take pride in their work, love to have fun, and value personal relationships.

OBTA Care offers many benefits and opportunities for advancement. OBTA Care is an equal-opportunity employer.

If you are interested in learning more, please complete the form below to get in touch. put the position you are interested in applying for in the subject line, followed by a brief message of why you are the perfect candidate. 

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